A Little About Me

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Hi, my name is Mohammad but my friends call me Teddy. I’m a Raleigh-based designer specializing in branding and UI/UX design.

Born and raised in Dayton, OH, I completed my undergrad at the University of Cincinnati's school of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP). This is where "Teddycreates" was born. Growing up, one of my close friends gave me the nickname "Teddy" and it just somehow stuck ever since. When I got to college, I really wanted to start branding myself as a designer, and I thought what better way to do that than to combine who I am and what I do into one.

Now in Raleigh, I have the opportunity to work with a lot of great people and businesses all over the country. However, no matter the client, my goal stays the same - to create an effective brand behind your business that accurately showcases who you are and sells you to your end customer. This is what I enjoy doing as a designer, and what I hope I can do for you.