Overview:  iFeel is a mobile platform that aims to help people become more aware of the emotions they experience on any given day. The premise of the app is that users can keep a daily log of emotions that ranges from energy and focus, to mood and stress.

Project Scope: Naming, Logo Design, Branding, UI & UX

1 Sketches.jpg
2 Logo Process.jpg
3 iFeel (Final Logo).jpg
4 Colors & Typography.jpg

The Product

Once the brand identity was finalized, we worked to create the application map and wireframes that would serve as the foundation of the app's experience.

5 Sitemap.jpg
6 Wireframes.jpg

Once the overall structure of the app was finalized, we worked to create a clean UI that was modern and spoke to the iFeel brand.

7 App 1.jpg
7 App 2.jpg
7 App 3.jpg
7 App 4.jpg
7 App 5.jpg
7 App 6.jpg

Bringing It All Together

The final thing I like to do with all client work is put together a collection of mockups showcasing the brand in real-world settings to truly bring everything to life.

8 iPhone.jpg
9 Desktop.jpg
10 Apple Watch.jpg