Overview: Influencer marketing is becoming one of the biggest sources of advertising in the digital space. Experts project that influencer marketing will grow into a $5-10 billion market by 2020, yet many brands and businesses are unsure on how to approach this market.

This is where Infoluencer comes into play. Infoluencer is a digital platform that aims to bridge the gap between businesses and influencers, while taking all the guesswork out when it comes to finding that right influencer to market your brand/product. Users can search the Infoluencer database to find the right influencer for them, as well as read up on them and review them based on their experience.

I partnered with Infoluencer’s founder & CEO to design the initial Infoluencer prototype, as well as creating the brand identity behind the business.

Project Scope: Logo Design, Branding, UI & UX

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The Process

The beginning stages of Infoluencer were probably the most crucial. I worked with the founder to clearly define the goals and functionality needed in order to make Infoluencer successful. This included market research and studying competitor's platforms and using that towards creating the initial sitemap and wireframes for everything to come. 

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Product UI

Infoluencer's UI was one of the more critical parts in this whole process. Because of the nature of the this market, we not only wanted to create a functional product, but also a recognized brand. That's where creating an appealing UI came into play.

5 Screens.jpg

Bringing It All Together

The final step I like to do with all my client work is put together a few mockups showcasing the brand and product in a real world setting to bring it more to life.

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6 Branding 2.jpg
6 Branding 3.jpg