Overview:  TAXinator is a mobile platform designed to encourage and reward individuals for shopping locally. The goal of TAXinator is to incentivize customers to support local businesses, while simultaneously earning credit towards reducing their taxes. The mission of this project was to not only create a functional app, but a brand behind the name that could have a lasting effect on small businesses nationwide.

Project Scope: Logo Design, Branding, UI & UX

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The Product

To start things off, I sat down with TAXinator's founder to discuss what it was they were looking to get out of their product. This helped us get a better idea of what was needed to get done, as well as creating the initial application map and wireframes for the product.

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After the overall outline and functionality of the app was approved, we worked to create the product's UI. The goal of the UI design was to have something aesthetically appealing to the general public, while still adhering to its main objective of incentivizing users to shop locally.

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In addition to the app design, the founder also wanted to create a simple landing page that they could direct potential customers to, as well as promote the TAXinator brand.

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Bringing It All Together

The final thing I like to do with all client work is put together a collection of mockups showcasing the brand in real-world settings to truly bring everything to life.

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